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Society Profile

Sushila  Devi  Mirpur Cancer  Welfare Society  is a not-for-profit organization whose core focus is on treatment  and prevention of cancer. The foundation is committed to conceive, build, and sustain programs and initiatives aimed at helping the common man.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Sushila  Devi  Mirpur Cancer  Welfare Society  (SDMCWS) will be committed to fight tumours by providing support, and raising awareness.
  • Provides telephone support, visit patients and care givers.
  • Public charitable trust    will work with poverty-stricken people all over the country. Campaign is to bring improved cancer care services to poverty-stricken people.
  • Contribution towards encouragement of non-profit and voluntary work.
  • To create cancer awareness  by educating the community.
  • To conduct cancer screening programs in rural areas.


1. Different training sessions on cancer will be organised to orient public on general awareness about common cancers, myths governing them, its prevention, early detection measures and treatment of cancer.

2. Different educational material on cancer will be given to them for future reference.

3. An audio-visual movie on cancer will be shown to them with an emphasis on tobacco  related cancers.

4. Public will be explained  about the warning signs of cancer and asked to identify patients in their village with these signs and thereby referring them for early detection nearby health centre.

5.Patient Adoption Scheme:

To support poor patients with curable  cancer especially in children.

One Patient suffering from cancer will be taken for adoption to give free treatment for one year.

Beneficiaries: Patients diagnosed with cancer irrespective of age, race, and religion.